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The Canton College Foundation is proud to administer a strong scholarship program in support of students at SUNY Canton. In 2021, the Foundation awarded more than $525,000 in scholarships through its endowed scholarships, annual scholarships, and Foundation scholarships.

SUNY Canton and the Canton College Foundation rely on the generosity of alumni and friends to help provide access to deserving students in need, who may not otherwise be able to afford an education. Scholarships may be established at SUNY Canton in one of two ways: through an annual scholarship or an endowed scholarship.

"Promises Kept" Pathways Scholarship Initiative

Amid nationwide calls for social justice and racial equality, the SUNY Canton community is prepared to be part of the solution. We are launching a scholarship initiative to assist our Black students in creating clear pathways to succeed in obtaining a college degree and pursuing a career of choice. The "Promises Kept" Pathways Scholarship Initiative is a commitment to helping fulfill the unique promise of our students' talents, passions and skills.

We are establishing three distinct sets of "Promises Kept" Pathways scholarships. The first set will support students entering SUNY Canton, providing critical financial assistance as they begin their academic journey. The second set will be aimed at retention, ensuring that they have the resources and support to remain in school until they complete their degrees. The third set will engage our students' aspirational goals by assisting them in pursuing a master's degree. These scholarships will be awarded to Black students who have financial need, and who can demonstrate through their community involvement that they, too, strive to be part of the solution.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

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Annual Scholarships are established on a yearly basis. Once funded, the college’s Scholarship Committee awards the scholarship based on the criteria set forth by the donor. The minimum funding amount for an annual scholarship is $500 per year. While a scholarship can be awarded for one year only, we ask that you consider funding your scholarship for at least four years to provide a stable award for your recipient throughout their time at SUNY Canton.

Endowed Scholarships are permanent funds that reside within the Foundation’s endowment. These funds are managed by the Canton College Foundation’s Board of Directors and provide yearly scholarship awards in perpetuity. Endowed scholarships are invested in a way that will help it grow over the years, minimizing the impact of inflation. The minimum funding amount for an endowed scholarship is $10,000. Endowment donors may establish the fund over a five year period and continue to contribute to it thereafter.

Are you interested in establishing a scholarship at SUNY Canton? Please contact the Canton College Foundation for more information on how to do so at 1-315-386-7127 or


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