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In Memory

Remembering our dear alumni and friends who we have lost this year.

If a family member, friend, or loved one who attended SUNY Canton has passed away, please send an email to

Margaret P. Vining

Margaret's career with SUNY Canton began in 1968 as an instructional support associate in the nursing lab. She was later named director of the nursing program. Under her leadership, the program thrived and the College was able to establish the bachelor’s degree in health services management. A favorite among students, she was one of only 407 nurses statewide to receive the Nurse of Distinction designation in 1991, which is based upon significant contributions to the field of nursing. She retired in 1996 as Associate Dean of the School of Health and Medical Technology, having inspired many young health professionals who kept in touch with her through the years. Margaret was inducted into the SUNY Canton Hall of Fame in 2011 and remained connected to SUNY Canton through her scholarship support and presence at many campus events. 



Paul J. Landor, Sr. ’46

John E. Grimsley, Jr. ’51

James A. Murphy ’51

Harry Schuppenhauer ’51

Gerald A. Ballou ’52

Walter L. Theobald ’52  

Gary E. VanAlstyne ’53  

M. Jerome Kerry ’54

Michael F. O’Neil ’55

Carol J. (Latimer) Streit ’55

James W. Spicer ’56

Beatrice M. (Hutchins) Walker ’56   

Kathleen M. (Butler) Amo ’57

Robert A. LaClair, Sr. ’57

John P. Carvel ‘58

Frances (Petterson) Thompson ’58

David L. Ghostlaw ’59

Barbara (Hallock) Hanno ’59

Neil C. Draper ’60

Stanley P. Smith ’60

Alson T. Caswell ’62 (Scholarship Sponsor, Mary Ann Caswell Simulation Hospital - Naming)   

Maynard S. Weaver ’62

Murray L. Andrews ’63

Lee Hutchinson ’63

Richard F. Austin ’65

Richard C. Collin ’65

Ronald L. Gilson ’65   

Jerry Jaynes ’65

Mark Mitchell ’65

Robert E. Cunningham ’66   

Ellen M. (Holden) Francisco ’66

David P. Irish, Sr. ’66

Sandra L. (Goulden) Oaks ’66

Peter C. Oppelt ’66

Dean F. Rowland ’66

John Sermak ’66

Ernest Hough ’67

Edwin E. Caryl ’68   

Cheryl (Bice) Madlin ’68

Sister Ronald Marie Hax ’68

John S. Campbell ’69


Leslie Hart ’70

William F. Vant ’71  

Stanley W. Dodd ’72

Robert D. Parker ’72

Martin E. Lyon ’74

Frederick Sayyeau ’74

Carol L. (Mittelstaedt) Kingsley ’76

Jeffrey F. Sauter ’77

Thomas A. Ballou ’78

Paul M. Pauling ’78

Teresa D. (Dowe) Huggins ’82

Thomas H. George ’84  

Marth L. (Dow) Johnson ’84   

Holly S. Ashley ’86

John Kenyon ’86

Kenneth S. Cannan ’87

James G. Schell ’92

John E. Miller ’94  

Scott E. Parmeter ’97

Noella M. Clarke ’98

Jason P. Kennedy ’99

Starr V. Caza ’02  

John E. Moschell ’03

Loretta J. Murray ’04

Shauna P. Horner ’11

Shane P. Dugan ’12       


Victor C. Childs (Retiree, Custodial Department)

Michael J. Danehy (Retiree, Hall of Fame)

Thomas Dragon (Scholarship Sponsor)

Sally J. Hansen (Friend)

Janet V. Law (Retiree, Financial Aid Office)

Rory E. Manaro (Former Executive Director of the CCF)

John R. McKean (Professor Emeritus, Dean & VP)

Frederick F. Rycroft (Retiree, Director of Cooper Services)

Beatrice D. Schermerhorn (Scholarship Sponsor)

Gilbert R. Schugart (Professor Emeritus, Computer Science)

Selena A. Swinyer (Former Employee, College Association)

Margaret P. Vining (Professor Emeritus, Nursing; Hall of Fame, Scholarship Sponsor)