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In Memory

Remembering our dear alumni and friends who we have lost this year.

If a family member, friend, or loved one who attended SUNY Canton has passed away, please send an email to

Josephine P. Swift 

Josephine "Jo" Swift is a dear friend of SUNY Canton. She began her 26-year relationship with the College in 1968, when she began working in the alumni office. She gradually made her way to Continuing Education Director to Assistant to the College President. She was most proud of a procedural handbook she authored, “Academic Protocol: Doing It Right," which was distributed throughout the SUNY system. After Jo retired in 1995, she became the first recipient of both a lifetime honorary membership in the SUNY Canton Alumni Association and the President’s Meritorious Service Award.




Barbara (Smith) Dougherty ’43

Merrill G. Whitmore ’48

Elizabeth J. Pleskach ’49

William H. Swart ’51 (Scholarship Sponsor)

Lorna M. (Steen) Webb ’52 (Former Alumni Board of Director & 1987 Distinguished Alumni)

Dorothy J. (Watson) Hunt ’54

Ezio F. Fiaschetti ’55

James G. Ashwood ’57

William D. Demo ’57 (College Foundation Board Member, Scholarship Sponsor, 2012 Distinguished Alumni, 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee)

Willy R. Wilson ’57

John A. Ward, Jr. ’59

James S. Finn ’60   

Chauncey H. O’Connell ’60

Priscilla R. Lucas ’63

Michael Perrigo ’63    

James L. Santimaw ’63

Rita E. (Gibbs) DeLong ’69

Michael T. Flanagan ’70

Nellie M. (Fisher) Locy ’70

Robert G. Mills ’71

Leo H. DuBray

Dennis W. Germano ’72

Harry T. Zobel ’72  

Randy J. Cutler ’73  

David W. Edgecombe ’77

Robert E. Miller ’78

Bruce W. Knowlton ’79

Katherine L. (Wainwright) Weegar ’81  

Christine A. Dumas ’84   

Edward N. Coombs '86 (College Foundation Board Member, Scholarship Sponsor, 2020 Distinguished Alumni)

Todd M. Pacer ’87

Corey J. Englert ’88  

Robert J. Arndt ’89

Robert L. Kio ’93

Sonja (Klykken) Urtz ’94     

Royal W. Mattice ’95

Randy J. Cameron ’96 & ’14

Angela L. Thornton ’97

Kristin M. Glaude ’02   

Christopher J. Gamble ’16



Betty J. Evans (Scholarship Sponsor, 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee)

Joan M. Majer (Faculty; Nursing Instructor 1973-1976)

Josephine P. Swift (Staff, 1968-1995)