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Remembering our dear alumni and friends who we have lost this year.

If a family member, friend, or loved one who attended SUNY Canton has passed away, please send an email to

William D. "Bill" Demo '57

Our SUNY Canton family mourned the loss of our dear friend Bill Demo '57, who passed away on June 7, 2020.

Bill was known as a kind soul, with a generous heart and and a warm smile. As a longtime supporter of SUNY Canton, Bill thrived when it came to helping students. He sincerely enjoyed getting to know the recipients of the scholarship he created, the Bill and Kathleen Demo and Family Endowed Scholarship, and through his service and work with the Canton College Foundation Board, he truly made SUNY Canton a better place for them.


Barbara (Smith) Dougherty ’43

Merrill G. Whitmore ’48

Elizabeth J. Pleskach ’49

William H. Swart ’51 (Scholarship Sponsor)

Lorna M. (Steen) Webb ’52 (Former Alumni Board of Director & 1987 Distinguished Alumni)

Dorothy J. (Watson) Hunt ’54

Ezio F. Fiaschetti ’55

James G. Ashwood ’57

William D. Demo ’57 (Foundation Board Member, Scholarship Sponsor, 2012 Distinguished Alumni, 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee)

Willy R. Wilson ’57

John A. Ward, Jr. ’59

James S. Finn ’60   

Chauncey H. O’Connell ’60

Priscilla R. Lucas ’63

Michael Perrigo ’63    

James L. Santimaw ’63

Rita E. (Gibbs) DeLong ’69

Michael T. Flanagan ’70

Nellie M. (Fisher) Locy ’70

Robert G. Mills ’71

Leo H. DuBray

Dennis W. Germano ’72

Harry T. Zobel ’72  

Randy J. Cutler ’73  

David W. Edgecombe ’77

Robert E. Miller ’78

Bruce W. Knowlton ’79

Katherine L. (Wainwright) Weegar ’81  

Christine A. Dumas ’84   

Todd M. Pacer ’87

Corey J. Englert ’88  

Robert J. Arndt ’89

Robert L. Kio ’93

Sonja (Klykken) Urtz ’94     

Royal W. Mattice ’95

Randy J. Cameron ’96 & ’14

Angela L. Thornton ’97

Kristin M. Glaude ’02   

Christopher J. Gamble ’16



Betty J. Evans (Scholarship Sponsor, 2014 Hall of Fame Inductee)

Joan M. Majer (Nursing Instructor 1973-1976)